[Planx is still recompiling]

[Future] = World.XYZ

[Proliferation] = Z

[Smooth transition] = Y

[Temporal Independence] = X

How to Build a Worldnet with World > 1, Word < 1000 ?

Galactic Peace requires Digital Peace

1. Global Peace requires Digital Infrastructure

Stage 1 Planetary Peace

2. Global Peace Treaty requires Multiplex Infrastructure

Stage 2 Planetary Peace Network

3. Inter-Global Peace requires Multiplex Interlink

Stage 3 InterPlanetary Peace



4. Inter-Global Peace requires Multiplex Starlink

Stage 4 InterPlanetary Peace Network

Stage 0 InterPlanetary Proliferation Protection & Diversity System

For info about the previous Dragonfly Mission of NASA and the Dragon System of spacex contact your local engineers



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